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Bluffing Against A Group

Deceiving a group of peers extends itself out farther than just your typical Grand Juries or you current IRS audit or even the much beloved in-laws.  It is an essential part of the game sometimes that you are going to bluff against the rest of your playing table, usually more than two people, in order to survive.


It should be understood for any player, that cases such as these are not something that will happen every hand.  The attempt to bluff out several players is never going to be the best call in the world.  You can attribute this to the fact that with the number of players increasing in the hand, your chances for a clean bluff begin to decrease. The increase in players will lend itself to a an increase in your conspiracy type players which is those that will believe that Kennedy is still alive, Tupac was not shot, there was never a moon landing, and that you work from your bathroom.  The question becomes at this point: why did you even attempt this bluff?


There are those counters, the mathematicians, who are looked to for answers. Pretend for a moment that the bluff you are playing is being attempted on only two players.  One of the players will look at the pot size and then immediately translate that into what they can gather about each player to figure up the ration of success in this bluff. Analysis during the course of a game will let you know that the opponents will fold on any hint of bluff only once in three hands. You come across that big pot and through analysis you determine that your odds of winning are four to one.

This is not pin point accuracy due to the fact that something is missing from the examination. You understand that these players will every third hand but do they fold on the same third hand or will they in this case? It is X% of hands? Or in this case will it be the N% of hands?  To use a term freely, the chances of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays winning the World Series is better.

Only extreme and no other option situations should see you bluff against more than one player in a group game. This would work for people like those in the Donner Party, where it was eat each other or die, but in a normal everyday scenario, do not do it unless you are in a hand heads up with only one other player.


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