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Limit Holdem Poker Strategy - Being Suited

Why be suited?

During hands of Limit Texas Hold'em it is at times proper to play connectors that are suited, like T9s, 98s, 87s, 76, etc.  When to play these is when the price to play is low, for instance when you are in a late position and have four people who are calling before you.  But it is very important that the hand be suited and not simply a connector, because there is a difference in value between a JTs and a JT.  When deciding whether to play suited connectors, consider the following:

1.      Suited connectors are only marginal hands in Limit Texas Hold'em, and you shouldn't always play them.  They should be played only under the right conditions.

2.      Most often, you will be dealt an off-suit connector.  By playing only suited connectors and dropping unsuited ones, you will cut down on the number of marginal hands that you play.

3.      A flush draw beats a straight draw.

4.      There is one more out in flush draws than in open-ended straight draws.

5.      It is generally easier to play a flush draw than it is to play a straight draw.  So, while playing a flush draw you won't make as many errors.

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The fundamental problem with playing non-suited connector hands is that you will be playing far too many marginal hands than if you played only suited.  Remember: connectors are marginal at best, even suited ones.  By playing unsuited connectors, you will draw to whoever else has a straight and lose to anyone who pulls a flush.  Even on rainbow flops you might river your straight and lose to a flush that gets lucky on the last two cards.  By staying with unsuited cards, you will be in during more tricky situations and be forced to make tough calls with only a slight chance at getting your straight on the river.  You will split more pots with other players who drew the same straight.  You will lose to higher straights.  Don't play unsuited connectors.

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